2009 Millie must sell ASAP and CL and R&S boards

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I am selling these items because my dear husband passed away on Feb 21st. Other wise I would never sell my Millie, I love that machine. I just got hit with a couple big expenses over the past couple of weeks.


Items priced separately.


I have attached some pictures I have more pictures if anyone wants to see something they like and I don't have a picture posted of the item.


2009 Millie on a ten foot table, she does such a beautiful job $11,500.00 $11,000.00 and you pay for shipping or come to my house and take her apart. SOLD


I am selling my Singer 99 the year she was made was 1949. She is beautiful $350.00 plus $50.00 S/H


The Circle Lord system with the front stylus attachment and the back attachment - $400.00 new price $300.00


Prices on my Circle Lord boards


Smoke free and pet free sewing studio. (I have a little dog but he isn't allowed in my sewing studio)


Red snappers - $50.00 plus S/H


Baptist fan - $250.00 $225.00 plus S/H


Rose Bud - $250.00 $225.00  plus S/H SOLD


Ginko and book - $75.00 plus S/H


Curved Crosshatch - $100.00 plus S/H SOLD


Jester - $250.00 $225.00  plus S/H


Star Dance - $250.00 $225.00  plus S/H


Star Burst 17" - $100.00 plus S/H SOLD


Aztec - $75.00 plus S/H


Featherz 12" - $75.00 plus S/H


Feather single board - $50.00 plus S/H


Cosmo - $250.00 $225.00  plus S/H


Squarz  18" - $100.00 plus S/H 


Antique Lace - $150.00 plus S/H


Oliso Iron - $125.00  $115.00 plus S/H


Baby Lock Grace sewing machine fun machine to take to classes - $275.00  new price $250.00 plus S/H


I also have some pantos I will sell. I will post the designs as soon as I look at them.


If interested please contact me here or email me at


Thank you,
















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Where do you live in OH?  I live in NW OH and would be interested in some items.  It would help if I could pick them up if you are close.


E-mail me if you do not want to put your town on this site,.\\e-mail is:





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Thank you, this is the hardest thing I have ever had to go through.  My husband was such a good man he was my soul mate, best friend and the love of my life and trying to go on without him is just so hard. I miss him so much. I catch myself crying at the drop of a hat.


God bless you,


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I sold my Millie but it is alright I bought a ultimate I and she will be here and set up next Thursday. I will still be able to quilt my quilts yay :). I am going to look into getting a side saddle for her. I have no idea how much they cost. Do any of you know?   

I sent Mike a email I am waiting to hear back from him.


I still have some more items I would like to sell listed above if anyone is interested.


This sure is a hard road to travel down without my precious husband. I miss him so much. It is really lonely at home, it is just me and my little dog wild willie, he is a lot of company to me. My husband loved that little dog and so do I.




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