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Getting machine out of hibernation


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When I got my George that had not been used for a number of years, I removed the needle, put a few drops of oil on each of the oil wicks (probably more than needed), pulled out the bobbin case, oiled the hook assembly with oill, and ran it slowly for a few seconds.  After not hearing any grinding or sounds that caused me worry I ran George at half speed for a few minutes starting and stopping every now and then.  After he was all warmed up, I secured the foot peddle at almost full speed and let George run for about a half hour.  It got the gearbox and motor nice and warm.  Since then, I have only had to tighten the motor drive assembly allen screws.  They would slip, and the needle would not go up and down.  


I would guess there is some button you can depress that makes your Freddie run constantly at a set speed regardless of movement.  After a few minutes of warming up, and no expensive sounding noises, you should be up and running again.  Best of luck to you.



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