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Hi there...


I've placed an order for a Lenni on a 10' frame. 


What is the largest quilt that can be quilted on a 10' frame? 


How close to the side of the frame will the machine actually quilt, and how much room do you need for your side tensioners?


Do you think it would be possible to quilt a 110" wide quilt on a 120" wide frame, or would that be too big?


Thanks for all your info and help!


SusanH. in Ontario





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Susan H:


Up front I only have a George, so longarming is not my field but with that being said, why don't you just take your Lennie head and place it to the far right of your table and mark where the needle lines up on one of the roller bars.  Then move the head to the far left and mark on the same bar where the needle lines up.  Then measure the distance between the two marks.  To me that would be your total quilt-able area on your table.  


Though you would probably have to take an inch or two off each side to account for being able to actually move the machine head around to quilt on the ends.  Otherwise you would be bumping up agains the stops every time you tried to move towards the table end.  Maybe this will help you decide if you can actually quilt your quilt.



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I just thought I'd let everyone know that there are other custom table options available for the APQS machines!  I got a couple of PM's advising me of this, and I called APQS this morning to confirm!  Because of this information, I was able to revise my order to an 11' table!  I'm super-pumped, as it gives me a lot more options for quilting!


Thanks for everyone's comments and input!



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