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Wedding quilt is done, 'cept for binding

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and boy am I cutting it close. the wedding is this saturday, the 16th!!  :huh: ​ I will be doing the binding with my machine, which, bums me out a little bit. I pride myself in the whip-stitching on the back when I finish, but I just don't have time. (people would ask how long the binding took and I would say.......oh, ummmmmm, 6 movies worth, really, I can sit there for days just stitching away but my body just can't take it, lol)  I've made the binding with the small flange of a different color, brown binding with the blue as a flange. I can safely say, feathers are my friend!





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Wonderful piecing and great quilting, you chose good designs in the right places on this one.  Don't worry about the machine stitiching on the binding, my personal opinion is that machine binding done well is just as quality as the previous history of hand binding.  I am sure that the history grandmas that started to use the machine to piece and quilt would have used it to bind as well.  I look at it the same as the progress of accepting machine quilting as a equal option as hand quilting.  I have made and given 13 quilts as wedding quilts so far (as well as others quilts too many to count) and most were machine binding.  No one ever checked it out, let alone complained.  In fact, my machine bindings turn out better than the hand turned.


Enjoy the wedding and enjoy that your body is in shape to go.

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Absolutely beautiful. I love the feathers. My goal is to quilt feathers that we'll. I am working on it. I also have a quilt at the same stage. My family reunion is the 16th. I have made one for a door prize for the past two years. Again all is just wonderful on yours.

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