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I am wondering if anyone does pantos from the front and if so what do you use?  I've seen some old post about the Bobbin Cam and it looked great but it's no longer available.

I've also seen Pantovision which looks promising but a little spendy.  I've also been looking at Precise Pantograph System even tho it its used from the back, any opinions?  I think doing them from the front would give you more control but I am new to pantos and still learning.

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I have the Precise Pantograph System and love it for a couple of reasons. One is that with my hands on the system handles they also ride right on the table surface and I have excellent control of the stitching. The other, and most valuable plus for me, is that I quilt sitting down which makes for less stress on my body. I have a smooth floor and use a saddle stool on wheels. Being able to relax the tension in my body makes it possible for me to stay on task rather than do a row/wander away from the frame to work out the kinks way I used to do pantos. Took me forever to get a project finished the old standing way.

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Yes I do pantos from the front. There is a learning curve like with most everything. I bought the bigger screen so I could see a bigger area. I'm not crazy about pantos but I find its easier from the front then the back so I don't have to bend over.

I've thought about trying the precise panto system. I've heard it's a great system to do those intricate patterns. The lady's that have it love it. I don't run a business so I can't justify the cost since I already bought quilt cam. Plus I just really don't like being at the back of my Millie.

Oh there is the circlelord company. They have a set up for the front of your machine as well. But you use boards not pantos.

It just comes down to comfort I believe and what works for you. My guess is you won't go wrong with any of these options.

Good luck!

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