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Sunflower tote

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Here is the latest thing I quilted. I took an old pair of jeans my daughter could not longer wear and up-cycled them to create this sunflower bag. I stitched sunflowers with loose background fill,and pebbles, I also added spider webs and spiders. This was a lot of fun I have another pair waiting for  to transform. Thanks for looking have a great friday

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That is too cute.  Do you have a pattern, or did you make this up.  If it's your own design, you should consider making/selling a pattern. 

Thank-you Ann This is the simplest of simple tote bags. I did not have a pattern just quilted a rectangle and added the gusset to form sides and bottom. I did make my famous handles ( these are the handles I put on almost every bag I make and they are so easy). I was at a retreat on the week-end and a beginner sewer was there and was making a bag she saw my denim tote and commented on my handles. I said I will show you how to make them , I did a quick demo and off she went . She came back a short while after with her handle done. she was so excited and gave me a great big hug. This is what quilters do share, and it is so gratifying to help others Thank-you for the comment the quilting was just me doodling on fabric, just SEW MUCH FUN really

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