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They look great.  You should share your instructions, or even post a YouTube video giving a quick overview of how you make your bags, and stitch the handles.  Thank you for sharing.



Well Carey these are about the simplest bags you can make .

I take a rectangle approx 18"x28" and sandwich it on my machine. 

then as they say Quilt as desired 

when you are done quilting remove and square up

fold the right sides together so it measures 18" x 14" sew down the two 14" sides using a 1/2" seam ( these are the sides of the bag)

now with the right sides  still together  push one side seam down on top of where the fold was ( this will be the middle of the bag bottom)

this should form a point. Take a ruler and draw a line parallel to the point so you can sew a 4" seam. this line should be approx 2 1/2" from the point. I always sew another one on the point side about 1/4" away from the first one and trim off the excess. Repeat for the other side of the bag. 

Your bag bottom will measure approx 4" x 13" 

Make a lining the same size.

turn your bag right side out and set your lining in wrong sides together. pin the top matching the side seams.

Make your handles approx 1 1/4" x 28" sew them to the sides of your bag 

Bind the top of your bag and you are done.

Easy peasey lemon squeeze

hope you can follow that Cagey


i sew across this point 

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