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I have a scrappy quilt that someone wants to buy. I would like to place a label on the backing.  What kind of information is usually on the quilt label? What size is the label? I wasn't expecting this quilt top to be purchased! I was planning to use it for practice and then donate the quilt, but she liked it so much I've completed the quilt and quilted edge to edge with Circle Lord's Seven Treasures of Buddah. The quilt is a wedding present and will be shipped across the country (WV to CA). Just wondering what information should I put on the label. I do have an embroidery machine, so I'll be using it to make the label.

Janis B

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the person who pieced it

the quilter if different

Date it was made

location it was made

recipient if you know

could add a brief description why they are receiving it  eg. Wedding birth of a child ect.

This is very basic hope it helps



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