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Thank you all for your kind remarks!

Sorry for the delay with answers....

The quilt was done with IQ.  The panto is Harbour Waves by Marybeth O’Halloran & Patricia Ritter

I loaded the quilt “sideways” so I wasn’t sure this design would work, but I needed to get it to the bride by that Monday :-)


The batting is Quilters Dream Dream Puff

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Love the swirls.  Don't downgrade yourself (IQ did it).  That computer can't do anything without you putting in the measurements, picking a pattern, deciding how to put the quilt on the frame, what color of thread to use, re-align when asked, shall I continue.  You quilted the quilt!  I have the IQ also and thought that for a long time until someone told me different, the computer is you assistant.   Great job,  did I say I love the swirls!!  Now go for custom, you can do it!

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It's beautiful!  After I did a quilt with QP that took me five hours of standing by the machine, I quit saying that the computer did it!  My son got it before I did--he said once that the computer was more reliant on me than I was on the computer, and since I can't just load it and go to the store, I am the one doing the work with a good tool. 


In any case, the end result is beautiful!  Thanks for sharing. 

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