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Quick Zip System - need some help

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I purchased the Quick Zip System zipper leaders.  I sewed them on over the weekend but I think I might have them on wrong.  Does anyone have these on an APQS frame.  Could you look at my pictures or post some pictures so I can see how your's are attached.  I'm thinking I might have mine upside down or flipped?  I am so new to all of this.post-96757-0-67213400-1462800912_thumb.jpgpost-96757-0-25708100-1462800923_thumb.jpg


Don't know why my pictures are sideways.  Agh.  They are turned right on my computer before I attach them.  First picture is my pick up bar.  Second picture is my belly bar and quilt top bar.

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I've owned the zippers now for several years & while I like how they work, something always seem to be a problem. Most recently, I just re-straightened my leaders & when I put my zippers back on, they are wavy. I pinned them on to make sure they were even & straight, but they don't look right on the frame. Are they supposed to lay flat? Why would they be wavy? How can I prevent this?

Also, when you suggest zipping the leaders together, how often do you do this? I do it once a month & I haven't found it does anything for me.



Apqs millennium

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