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Need quilting ideas for Judy Neimeyer's Bali Bedrunner, please!

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Hi Sandra,


Not sure if this is the same pattern, but I've done both the quilt and a bedrunner.  I'll attach a couple of pics for what I did.  Also, here's the link to the blog post so you can see more photos in detail, if you want. 


This is for the bedrunner:  http://crazyhorsequilting.blogspot.com/2015/02/carolyns-bali-wedding-star-bed-runner.html

This is for the quilt; http://crazyhorsequilting.blogspot.com/2014/10/debs-bali-wedding-star.html


I can't figure out how to attach a pic...sorry!

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Dory, Your quilting is lovely; thank you for the pictures.  That is most likely how I will quilt it, too.  I feather "everything."  :)


Sue, thank you!  I am doing well.  I'm in remission (from uterine cancer, diagnosed in 2013) now and have gone through the surgery, radiation and chemo.  Still "issues' come up, but so far, "I'm hanging in there."  I started spending so much time on my computer that I didn't do much of anything else, so decided to ween myself away from some of the forums.  I have missed my APQS friends, although do see many on FB.  I'll have to check in here more often to talk to everyone.  

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