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Intelliquilter vs Quilt Path

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I know this subject has been around and around.


1)  Please let me know which system you have.


2)  Two things you love about it.


3) Two things you dislike about it.


4)  Two things you would change if you could.


Any other words of wisdom to pass on.


I am going to make the big purchase by July and just need some more input.



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I chose Quilt Path last year after comparing QP and IQ and seeing them in action in person. I love QP because it is very user friendly ( I am a novice with computers but have not had a problem understanding how to use QP), I like that it uses the thread break sensor my Millie came with; the tablet QP is based on is the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 (just the right size to sit on top of Millie, thin, light weight, large enough screen to see the functions well). I have found the belt driven carriage is accurate for all the block, border and pantograph patterns I stitch out, and my husband and I easily installed the QP  in one afternoon (several hours, good instructions). I can't think of anything I don't like or would change, I love my Quilt Path!


Watch all the videos online for both systems. Try to see both systems in person, get a demonstration on the functions, and find out how each one is added to your longarm machine ( QP is just a change-out of the carriage your longarm sits on, IQ requires motors to be installed to drive the carriage). Think about how you will be using computerized quilting and what functions in the system you will be using as well. 



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I researched my options before buying.  Since I live in a rural area with no close dealer support, one of the reasons that I chose IQ is because of the large number of available lessons online.  I purchased the full system.   I find it easy to navigate within the system and easy to use.  Since purchasing it last month, I have quilted 15 quilt tops and 4 table runners in a mix of edge to edge and custom. Support has been excellent!





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I have the IQ system. I love the no sew zone, mark on quilt to help size block patterns easily and adjust patterns to fit odd angles, ease of realignment of rows for edge to edge designs, the operating system it uses, and the effort Zoltan puts into creating updates that make the system even more user friendly. I haven't found any dislikes yet and I've owned my system for over a year. I looked at Quilt Path and seriously considered it but I really wanted the no sew zone and since no one could tell me when that might be available for Quilt Path I went with the more expensive IQ. I should add that I'm not a computer genius.....completely self taught. I'm glad I choose IQ.

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I have Quilt Path and love it.  The more I use it--which is usually on at least one quilt a day--the more I can find to do with the patterns that came with it.  I have bought a few more, but we have been adjusting and altering some of them and designing some new for ourselves. 

I too would like to have a no sew zone and hope that the promised update will include that. 

Customer service is great--I did have a problem with a loose part but that has been fixed and is no longer a problem.

I'd buy Quilt Path again.

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i truly believe that IQ is the better system. I originally owned a CompuQuilter and then switched to a QP after the CQ computer went out of business. I found the QP very lacking in features and was extremely slow. When you are told to tell the system to sew rows and then go get a cup of coffee while it does its calculating, you know you have a system that is too big for the tablet it is designed to work with. Also the stitching in the fastest mode was like a crawl. I found the QP extremely frustrating and it didn't "think" in the same way I did. Also, in order to set very complicated designs, such as Judy Niemeyer ones, the "experts" tell you to use templates to assist in setting up the quilting. I just could not warm up to this system and I eventually was able to get an IQ (and get rid of the QP) and I LOVE it. The support is fantastic. There are lots and lots of videos/tutorials online, and it has many features that the QP doesn't have. I don't think the QP will ever catch up to the IQ because Zoltan is always adding more and new features. The IQ is a great system and the best of the 3 systems I have owned and used.

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. The IQ is a great system and the best of the 3 systems I have owned and used.


Thanks Sue.

You must be one of the few who have spent significant time on both systems.  I suspect several APQS dealers have as well but are reluctant to voice their opinions.  I'm very happy with the IQ but the 5 minute demo I had of the QP is not enough for me to say which is better.



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Like you, I did a TON of research before purchasing the computer component to add to my machine.  I was even seriously thinking of purchasing an entirely new system (Gammil Statler Stitcher).  I drove two and a half hours to test drive the QP and wasn't impressed at all.  I was so excited at first, I was planning to purchase a MIllie with QP, but after playing with it for an hour, it was VERY BASIC and did not have nearly the functionality I wanted.  It may be better now, but a year an a half ago, it was blah. 


I wanted a system where I would have complete control over the quilting process.  I wanted a system where I could make changes on the fly, have channel lock capability (my machine doesn't have that), edit on-screen, be able to tweak designs because blocks weren't square, stretch to fit, repeat patterns, copy paper patterns directly into the computer system and save them, digitize my own designs, etc.  I don't remember all the "must haves" now, but QP didn't meet very many of them. 


I ended up going to a quilt show where a new friend of mine Laura Lee Fritz was demonstrating the IQ.  She had a customer quilt on the frame at the show and let me use the IQ and quilt with it.  That was amazing enough, but just playing with this for three days at the quilt show was amazing.  I learned that not only did the IQ meet all of my "must haves", it had so much more capability that I didn't know I absolutely needed.  ;)


After doing all of my research, there was only one clear winner -- IQ all the way!!!  I absolutely love love love it!!!!  :D

IQ puts out updates with new features on a fairly regular basis and installing the updates are a piece of cake.  And like jgardog said, the owner and inventor of the IQ system, Zoltan, responds to your questions directly.  He emails or calls.  Great customer support.  I also like that there are patterns galore available from almost any digital quilt retailer.  That wasn't the case with the QP a year and a half ago. 


If I were ever to purchase an upgraded machine, I would take my IQ with me! 

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