Source for printable fusible fabric?

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Does anyone have a good source (ideally wholesale) for printable, fusible fabric sheets?  I am making a few memory quilts soon that I need to print the photos onto the fabric and then fuse them to the quilt square.  Or is there a simpler method of putting the photos onto the quilt?


Thanks!  Denise in Georgia :)

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Do some resesrch, because I don't think you have to have special fabric. You can fuse regular properly prepared fabric to freezer paper and run it through your printer then just sew it into your blocks as you construct them..unless you have to fuse for some reason. Have you checked Dharma Trading?

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I've tried every way to print on fabric, including using regular fabric on freezer paper and sending it thru a printer. (Won't ever do that again.) Also there is a possibility of the image washing out if not treated properly. I've used Printed Treasures (discount coupon from Joann's) and I was never happy with the color quality. Also removing the backing was a challenge if you ironed to set the ink before removing the paper. (Remove backing before ironing to set the ink, got it?)


My fav is by EQ (Electric Quilt) and can be found on their web site. They have a variety of thread counts, sizes and quantity. I suggest ordering their sample pack and running a few test prints.

(BTW, you can scroll thru my blog and see a few pillows that have been made using EQ printable fabric.)

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EQ works great.  You do not have to fuse it to the block, you just sew it in like fabric.  I suggest you call EQ and ask them if your ink jet printer will work well with their product.  If not, put the pictures you want on a data stick and check local office stores and see what ink jet printers they have.  The store should work with you to print it, just bring the paperwork for the fabric to the store, so they can read everything as how to use it.  They will want to protect their printer from damage.


Best of luck, and share when your done.



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