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I have tried using Magna Glide Bobbins and just can't get it right (the tension). I tried today with Glide on the top. Bobbin thread kept showing on the top. I adjusted and adjusted and it continued.


How do you put them in the bobbin? What kind of tension works? Do you leave the spring in the bobbin case? Any tips would be appreciated.


Nancy E.

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I keep one bobbin case just for Magna glides and use mostly Glide thread on top. Remove spring, black magnet down when open case facing you and the thread will come off clockwise. I also had to tighten the tension screw on this bobbin case about a 1/4 turn more than regular bobs. Hope that helps! Just keep fiddling until you get the thread where you want it in the 'sandwich' and then keep that case aside.


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