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I could really use some input. I just finished a custom quilt, all was fine. I cleaned machine, changed threads and started sewing on some practice fabric and my tension was all off. I have a millie, 2010. Seams to be flat lining in different directions. I changed thread and bobbins 3 times, changed needle, checked for burrs, checked thread path, checked hopping foot height. Changed tension control unit probably last year or so. Please help. Thank you K

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K what specific tension issues are you having?  Sometimes when I want to see what is really going on I put two different color threads, high contrast, in bobbin and upper thread, then you can better see what is happening.  If the bobbin is flat lining, I used to get this all the time, then I would loosen the bobbin or tighten the upper.  You may have the bobbin thread too tight.  You might also change the location of the eye of the needle just a little closer to 6:35 instead of 6:30.  The reason you are seeing it in different directions is due to needle deflection.  One other thing to try is a bigger needle that won't deflect as much.

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