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I recently took Judi Madsen's IQuilt class, I also within the last month or so received my new Lenni! I decided to attempt Judi's traditional quilt class project, below are a few pictures, it's not perfect but it's finished and I am thrilled! I actually hung it in my office at work this morning!




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Wow!  I am VERY impressed.  It is beautiful.  Did you like the class?  I just signed up for the Lisa Calle class at Iquilt.

I really did like the class, I had the opportunity to take a class of Judi's at MQX east this year and she is just terrific!

Thanks for all of the kind words!

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Wow!  I'm trying to learn to make feathers like yours. You are my new hero!

You can do it!!

It wasn't until I had the chance to take Judi Madsen's feather class at MQX that it actually "clicked" for me! I liked to draw on paper to practice, but also important to just doodle on the longarm! I have gone through a lot of muslin, I put the radio on and just doodle with some pretty thread, no pressure not trying to make anything spectacular. In fact some of my practice made excellent dog beds! LOL

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I bought the same class and am just starting it!  Also bough fabric dyeing and will do that next week with some friends.  Yippee.

I hope you like it as much as I did! I want to make her modern class project too, but I have a few other things to get finished first!

I hope you will share yours when it's finished!

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