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I was going though old pictures (slides) that my parents took while we were growing up. Santa brought this to a very surprised 6 year old. I don't think Mr and Mrs. Santa knew what they had created in this little girl!!!!!post-3467-0-37331800-1463666545_thumb.jpg  I still have the cabinet and all the attachments. When I bought my Singer Touch and Sew Dad made it so the Singer would drop in the space and I could sew. My parents had to move while I was away at college and the head weighed so much they threw it away. I sure miss her.~~~~

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The first time I ever used a sewing machine was when I was 13 and in 7th grade. All the boys had to take a semester of home ec (remember those classes?), and our first assignment was to sew a chef's apron for ourselves to use in the cooking portion of the class. I enjoyed it so much I learned to use my mom's White sewing machine at home too. It was a good twenty years before I had a machine of my own and made my first quilt.

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It was a Whe


What a beautiful piece of nostalgia! The form and shape of that Singer stand is classic, but I don't think I ever saw one with the pretty detailing on the drawers. And your smile is so proud. Did you sew that dress for the doll?



The machine was a Wheeler and Wilson which was bought out by Singer for the Bobbin Case we know today. Singer sold the W&W for about 19 years before they closed the brand down. As i remember the machine was made about 1889 or 1898. It's been 50 years since I have been the head. Still of the base and all the attachments!  Santa took Dell Jo, my doll, away and brought her back with a new wig and a nurse's outfit because at that time in my short life I thought I might want to be a nurse!!!!  Ha ha. I majored in Home Ec. Education. By the way I sewed on that machine until I was in college.

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