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Replacing Gear on Millie - HELP

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I did a no no this morning. I was doing my usual cleaning the hook area and put my oil on it. Of course I always put a rag under it and I have a quilt on so wanted to make sure none got on it. I held the rag up and it caught in and around my hook area. The fuse blew and I had to manually turn the side thingy to get the needle up. I was able to then cut the rag out, replace the fuse, etc. It seemed to work but when I turned the machine on it makes an awful clanging noise. No problem with the needle hitting anything. Amy says it's probably a broken gear and will need replaced as well as packing it with the grease. She sent me instructions and have decided to attempt it myself. My question after all this long windedness is has anyone done this themselves and how hard is it? I have a 2012 Millie.

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Ann, I helped a customer rebuild her gear box a couple of years ago. Follow the instructions that Amy sends you - they're great! And there are a couple of specialty tools that you'll need to get, if I remember correctly. It's not hard, just tedious. And take it from me, you want to be sure to clean out ALL the grease before you repack it - broken teeth bits can hide in the smallest amount! Don't ask me how I know...

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