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Gammill Vision 26 Studio Sale (Sale Pending)

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Machine & Studio Sale  


Its always fun to see what direction life will take you in - after having loved being a long arm quilter, life’s interests are bringing me in a new direction and it’s time to sell my beloved Gammill Vision26 and move to the next adventure


I’m listing this as an entire studio sale as a great deal and a great way for someone to jump in to long arming, get set up and get quilting!


Price is $16,500 for everything.


Buyer is responsible for pick up, transport and re-assembly  and all related costs with that.  I am willing to help disassemble the machine.  The machine is in current operation and is located  in central New Hampshire.


if you are interested, please send me a note.


thank you for your consideration!



Here is what is included


The machine:

2012 Gammill Vision 26.  

This machine is a love - it does everything and anything I’ve asked it to. I run all types of threads and all types of battings with all types of fabrics have never had an issue.


  • 12 foot pivotal access stand with casters - easily fits a king quilt
  • stitch regulation (regulate, constant, coast regulate and basting capability)
  • adjustable stitching  speed and length
  • needle up/needle down
  • front and rear handles
  • micro handles
  • vertical and horizontal channel locks
  • Gammill overhead light bar (8 lights with shades)
  • track mat with drafting chair
  • built in bobbin winder
  • two bobbin cases
  • various programmable alarms including thread break sensors and empty bobbin alarms
  • diagnostic reporting
  • laser light (with ability to have on or off)
  • automatic tie off feature
  • bobbin fill gauge
  • stitch counter
  • run time clock
  • tools and diagnostic capability
  • and an FM tuner!!



The notions & supplies:

  • ~20 boxes of groz-bekert needles, size 3.o to 4.5.  (Majority are 4.0)
  • stand alone bobbin winder
  • 36 Gammill Branded vented M bobbins
  • Misc hex wrenches and various tools that came with machine (too many little things to list individually)
  • Towa Bobbin tension gauge andsuperior top thread tension guide



The thread - oh my the thread!!

approx 60  5,000 meter cones of Glide thread

approx 40 large cones of Omni thread

appro 15 large cones of signature and king tut varigated


Bobbin thread- several jars of pre-wound glide thread M bobbins, (most are still full) and three boxes of glide pre-wounds (gray, beige and dark gray)


Pantos, Rulers, design templates/boards

  • Over 80 pantos from top designers
  • Deloa boomarang rulers (8,10 and 12 inch);Two gadget girls rulers (janet Lee’s favorite and little girl)
  • QCR side kick long arm ruler
  • LEQ appliqué helper ruler


and  the big hoorah is the # of loricles large boards and design templates:


  • Giant Boards include:
  • Swirls, Egyptian Eye, Circles, Pebbles, Sakura, Giant Clam Zig Zag, Square Dance, Baptist Fan, Pampas Gras, Water, Ribbles, Meander, Honeycomb, Cross Hatch, Wanders, Zig Zag Diamond and Greek Swqirl Boarder.  Boards are king size.
  • Design boards /tools include:
  • circle lord basic plus, circle maker, push button system, stylus, sunburst, sprialz (Circle), Spirals (square), 18” tiles, mini GInko, Large Ginko, Spiro thiny, Feathers Template 12”, Featherz Boarder, aztec, aztec mini, butterfly set, cogs, celtic knot, hearts, ovals, starz, stella, microfil herringbone, microfill greek maze, diamondz, clamshell mini, squarz 18”


Finally, there are a few other odds and ends I’ll be sending along with the new buyer, storage system for large design boards, templates, tape measures, marking pens, books, etc.

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