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APQS Ultimate II

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I've decided I need to try to sell my machine for a number of reasons. I purchased the machine last year from what I think is the second owner for $3000. It's an APQS Ultimate II. It is on a 10 foot wood table. It is not stitch regulated although I've figured it out pretty well without that. When it sews it sews beautifully. I've been have problems lately with needle breaks which I'm truly not sure if this is an error on my part in setting the needle depth and timing or if there is an issue with the hook shaft. I have replaced the motor and the speed switch on it so those are both new. You might need a new hook assembly for it. It's an L bobbin and I have a few bobbin cases and bobbins I will include along with the part of the owners manual that I received. I'm in central coastal California, specifically Lompoc. It is possible to ship it all but is fairly expensive since the table is so heavy. I do have the shipping box for the machine head. Otherwise pickup is possible if you're within driving distance. I'm asking $1500 for it. I check in here fairly often or I can be reached at battynurse@gmail.com as well.

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My plan is to eventually get something different, hopefully 6 months to a year down the road. Right now it's just making me crazy constantly working on the machine and not knowing if I'm doing it wrong or if there is something else. Plus not having enough money to take a class on repairing it or have it repaired.

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I spoke with Dave, and his "spa treatment" is $250.  Though I am sure if it needs parts, they are more.  You could check with him, to see if he will be in CA and could stop by to fix your issues.  You would be putting more money into you problem child, but he might be able to fix it and keep you in the quilting game.



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I came up with my price based on how much I had spent on it in purchase price and repairs or replacing parts, also not knowing if it needed further repair. Since I originally posted this I had Dave Jones come look at it and work on it for me. My needle depth was off and the machine apparently doesn't like magna glide pre wound bobbins, nothing wrong with the shaft as I had thought was a possibility. Since then I've been sewing on it and it's working fine. He had told me he could build a new table for it and a stitch regulator could be added but at this point I'd really like to put money towards a newer machine, after I pay off a couple of bills.

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