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Hello there ,I am looking to sell my baby lock crown jewel 2 with a ton of extras and  the free motion frame. It has an 18 inch throat but unlike other machines it allows for an extra 3" of quilting space because of the motorized frame. The frame is a 12 ft frame with cloth leaders and zipper attachments for quilting. It is locate in brunswick ohio south of cleveland. Purchased in march of 2015 and in need of selling to a good home by april of 2017. if you are in the market for this particular combo you could save a good chunk of money as I have calculated for more than 2 times the depreciated value since I have purchased it. She is amazing , light weight and does well quilting at higher speeds. have never had an issue with her and love this brand, but we are a military family and moving soon and are not able to take her with us.


Itemized report:               New      What I paid         Depreciation


Baby Lock CJ 2              11,999.99   10,999.99            

Momentum Frame          4,999.99  3,999.99              

2  ft Frame Extension     699.99   499.99   as of today at 15months-1250

Micro Handles                   459.99   459.99   as of next march -2000

Cloth Leaders                    129.99   129.99  

Zipper System                 159.99   159.99   what I am willing to give today -2561.56

Secondary Zippers           54.99     50.99    

Ruler Base                          119.99   105.99  

Tax on subtotal              1489.99  1311.56                

Total:                              20,114.91 17,718.48            

What I am asking:                                                       15,156.92

                Total savings from new:                4957.99

Dimensions:       12.4" wide/40" Deep                                                                     

18" throat on crown jewel.                                         

Bobbin Winder included                                               

120" wide quilting space

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