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Annabelle's quilt finally done

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This quilt is for my 3rd granddaughter.  Finally got it done, she is now 4 months old.  I always let her mom pick whatever theme she wants; I figure I get to make a quilt that I know will be used and my grandbabies get Nana snuggles every night :-).  Her mom was slow in deciding on theme for this one so that made me behind too.  She decided she wanted mermaids and she likes anything under the sea.   She found a picture of a bench (company is no longer in business) she liked so I went from there.  The mermaids and fish are pre-printed fabric that I just turned the edges.  The crab was an machine embroider design I had purchased for her big sister's quilt so I just turned that into an applique instead of using the machine.  I created a background with the sand and an ombre color way for the water as the base and added things from there.  The quilting went super quickly.  I was especially pleased with how the seaweed quilted.  It was all super simple quilting.  The sand is one of my favorites.  My daughter suggested the wavy lines on diagonal to simulate the way sand looks at the beach.    





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