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Appropriate quilting pattern for a nine-patch

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A panto would work very well on this quilt. I you want a more formal look, of course, some custom work would be great. So think about the purpose - casual? everyday? wall hanging? etc. If you don't think custom is necessary, here's what I do. I take a picture of the top, and attach it to an email that I send to the ladies at Urban Elementz. I let them know the purpose, theme, message, or whatever, and they will run off and brainstorm about pantos. They always send me back a list of suggested pantos. Sometimes I pick from those, or use them as a guide to look for others with the same general design. Works every time. There is a panto I really like, though I never thought I would. I like it for a quilt for a guy, a charity quilt, or a casual everyday quilt, or just because it will deliver wonderful texture: Bolero. It's the easiest, quickest panto I've used, and always delivers wonderful texture. See what Urban Elementz suggests. Urban Elementz (info@urbanelementz.com).

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