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Ultimate 2 upgrades

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I have an U2 plain jane.  I would like to upgrade the wheels and read Gammill has easy glide wheels but they are either round or beveled.  Which would I need to purchase and is this the only option for wheel replacement?  I also have read that a ruler base maybe available? Can one be modified to fit?



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Margi, you can use the edge rider wheels on the ULT II's... most any will fit those carriages.


Ruler bases, either Hartley base extender (without thread cutter), or the permenant one by Donitta Darlington, (

that one stays on permenant!


We sell the 1/2" foot replacement for the old spoon foot that came with the ULT II's. So, if you want to do ruler work, give me a shout out for it! or my phone # below.

F55CA928B31BF9D50E35FB71F402EFB1.png Millennium/Circle Lord 402-450-8321 Designer of the 1/2" foot for Ult II's.

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