Matchstick quilting

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So....if you are going to do something similar to matchstick quilting in a sashing throughout a whole quilt (not as small as matchsticks though), is it necessary to SID around each block or just go for it?  


OK....let me reiterate this question.  I guess what I want to do is more of a hairpin in the sashing rather than a straight stitch, SID, straight stitch back, SID.  I want to use curvy ends (if that makes sense.  I have attached a picture of the stars I will be working on.  The first picture is with the design I will have in each star.  Do I do a curvy mock SID (not sure what it is called) around the inside of the white areas and if that is the case, do I still SID so that I can do the hairpin in the sashing?  Or, do you have another suggestion for the white areas?  


I would appreciate any suggestions.  Thanks. 



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SID always makes the quilt look better, but as Lynn said, it needs to be within the budget allowed for the quilt. Cindy Roth posted a comment from another blog that I just loved. It went something like " your fabric store won't give you batiks for the price of muslin just because it will make your quilt look better." The curvy SID would look good and might be a good compromise.


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I agree with both Lynn and Carol. SID will keep the blocks square and flat (no poofy edge; which can look wavy and distorted), but if your client's budget does not afford it; I would do the curvy SID.


APQS Millenium in

Spring Creek, NV

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The hair pin quilting goes nicely with the striped sashing. You have done a nice job keeping the quilting light and enhancing the piecing. Job well done!

Jennifer Bernard

My quilted jackets are on a competition journey around the country

gathering pretty ribbons (sometimes)!

Quilting with my Millennium and playing with my Quiltazoid!

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I've done hairpin quilting many times without SID and I love the look.

The curvy ends stand out more without SID.

Try doing the hairpins first then see if you want SID.


"Do small things with great love." Mother Teresa

"Life's too short to fuss with thread." Meg Fazio



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Thank you.  As much as I was trying to avoid it, stitch in the ditch is definitely what this quilt needed.  It has allowed me to do the hairpin sashing without any problems.  Two rows down, four to go. 

Oh!!!  I LIKE!!!


Linda Gibbons

Cabin Creek Quilting

APQS Freddie (aka, Gracie ll)

Hand guided

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