Where to buy decent quilting fabric?

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I buy most of my fabric (for personal use) at my local quilt shops. They are very supportive of me and my LA proprietorship. I have wholesale business accounts with various distributors for wide-backing, batting and thread.


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I buy most of my fabric at my local quilt shop also. I also try to use what I have left from my garments that I have made. That fabric comes from a dallas shop or online from silhouettepatterns.com. I travel a lot so I find fabric treasures at shops along the way. I rarely buy at chain stores. It's a lot of fun seeing the fabric and remembering the trip.

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Cartoons is a brand new business registered this year, so they are trying to dig up business.  Though with all do respect I believe their ad is somewhat disingenuous advertising.  They show a price, and then when you click on the fabric you see that was only for a fat quarter.  Be up front, and say it is $6.99 a yard.  Then the disclaimer "Customs and import taxes.  Buyers are responsible for any customs and import taxes that may apply.  I'm not responsible for delays due to customs."


I love my local stores.  You get great suggestions and inputs from the employees as to what would go better with the quilt top or fabric you are shopping.  They have classes, and "oh and ah" over what you made.  That is worth the extra dollar or two I can save online.  The times when you only bought 3 yards but actually needed 3.3 yards, and one of the staff gives you the third you needed from their personal stash... that is priceless.



Customs and import taxes

Buyers are responsible for any customs and import taxes that may apply. I'm not responsible for delays due to customs.

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I like to go to the local quilt shops too.  Get to see and feel the fabric and each shop around here has it own flavor....the local shops also sometimes offer wonderful classes on techniques that are new to me and sell me things I really needed when I didn't know that I needed them before I went into the shop  LOL.  Lin

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A good local quilt shop is sadly missing.  we have one but the prices are much more than we can afford,

and the one owner has the other follow us from room to room, as though we are going to steal something.

I hate feeling like they think I would.


I have bought 6,   5 yard pieces, diff manufacturers, from Thousands of Bolts and Only One Nut,

and have been Very Pleased.  It is comparable to Quilt Shop Fabric.


They are sweet to work with, and very helpful, very patient.

They are also prompt in filling and shipping the order.


I Highly Recommend them!

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If I buy any more fabric, I may need to open a quilt shop in my home!  I've been doing the Northern Illinois shop hop and the Row by Row Experience for the past two weekends (with many more to come), and it's introducing me to dozens of quilt shops I might never have known before.  The one furthest from my home (2 ½ hours) is going to be a must for me in the future--mostly civil war reproduction fabrics and a lovely lovely shop.  I have been supporting ALL these LQS's.  


I usually order my extra wide backing fabric from fabric.com (Phoenix Textiles) online, because of their selection and an unbeatable price, but otherwise, I try to support my LQS.

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