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According to the machine comparison chart, the freedom's footprint is about 5' x 12'. Add maneuvering space at both ends, and working space front and back, I'd want at least 11' x 17'.  Of course, I've met some creative people who turned the great room into a studio, who crawled under the table to get to the back side, or moved a few walls to make it work. One person I know had to go to a 10' frame and does a booming business in a bedroom.

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If you have fabric advance, you'll need an extra 6" on one end, and that end can be pushed up against th wall. You'll need enough on the other end to walk from the front to the back. So 14 feet would work fine. I have a couple of feet behind my machine, but more in the front where I spend most of my time. If you're tight on space, I would consider picking up a set of 5" sliders to put under the legs so you can easily slide your table. (That only works easily if you don't have a lot of stuff stored under your table.)

My room is 15x20 and also contains a treadmill and my husband's big "multi use" exercise machine. I've found both of these pieces of equipment also work well for hanging tops to be quilted.

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I have 2 feet behind my machine, back of the machine, and a wall. When I look at my machine from the front, the left end is against a wall and the right end, where my fabric advance is, is open to the rest of my studio.

You should be able to get by with an extra 4 feet on the width of the machine, and 2 feet on the length.

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My Freedom on a 12' table is in an 11' x 15' room,  The left end is up against a wall, and the right, with the fabric advance, has the extra space by it, and also is by the closet.  So far, I have not had to open the closet doors to get by on that side, but it's not what you could call spacious.


This room used to by my oldest daughter's bedroom, and for several years still housed her twin bed, dresser, and bookcase along with my machine.  That made the front and back space a bit tight, and I was glad I have castors on my machine.  With the bed and dresser gone, I have a 6' folding table and the bookcase where the bed and dresser used to be, on the wall that faces the front of my machine, and the space is much better.


Now if I could only get her to take the rest of her stuff out of the closet . . .

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