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Are you using an Allen wrench to tighten it?  Has the Velcro padding on it come loose?  I had some problems with that Velcro padding coming loose but then I learned I did not need to have that quilt pulled tight just enough to not have sagging and wrinkles....and I also learned to make sure that I loosened the brakes before I advanced the quilt.  mine is a 2012 Lucey and i don't know if they have changed the brakes...you could also just call APQS   Maybe posting a picture might help..... Lin


I just checked the "parts" on the website and the "roller brake" for the Lucey does look a bit different than the ones I have....Looks like you need to hold the bolt on the bottom steady while you spin the handle to tighten it or loosen it. 

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I have the same trouble with my Millenium.  The brakes don't hold like I want them too.  So I put a "gripper" between the rail and the break.  It works like a charm.  They are round rubbery circles, with holes throughout, used to open jar lids.  


What a great idea.  I recently replaced the velcro on my brake, but don't expect it to last long.  I'll use a rubber grip next.

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