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Tula Pink Butterfly Quilt

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Hi everyone...I'm trying not be as addicted to this forum as I once was but I really love this quilt that I recently quilted and wanted to share.  I have really stepped up and challenged myself to go more into custom work.  I have a blog post that is pic heavy with more details of my quilting, but here is a snapshot.   This is The Butterfly Quilt by Tula Pink.  The piecer did unbelievable fussy cutting and piecing and so it made it even more fun to quilt.   



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Oh Wow....that quilting is fantastic.  I can see why you wanted to post it.  What type of batting did you use?  The fabric around the stitching seems so poofy....which really makes it stand out.  Also, how long did it take you to quilt it?

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Thanks everyone.  I'm pretty chuffed with this one.   The colours are incredible and working with the quilter was awesome too.  


Wool batting -  one layer :-)  I LOVE wool now!   Its my new to me 'discovery'.


I don't like to brag much, but there are certain quilts that I just take off the frame and they are just so incredible piecing, etc and I love making the piecing show off.     


I've been a lot less frequenting this site just for time management... less on time zapping browsing around the internet.  It's a tough one for me!  I love to research and learning things on the internet....

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