Got my new Freedom!! A question

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Hi all!!  I got my new Freedom yesterday!!  :D  Got her all set up and when I was practicing, the "alarm beep" for a broken top thread keeps beeping, but it is not broken... Any help?  Thanks!!!


Linda Gibbons

Cabin Creek Quilting

APQS Freddie (aka, Gracie ll)

Hand guided

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Is the thread going around the wheel in the correct direction? I know it matters on the IQ but I'm not sure about the APQS one.


Brenda Wells - Green Millie. Sold November 2017
Nigel Wells - Ultimate 1 with |Intellistitch & IQ

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The thread must go around the thread break sensor wheel clockwise and usually more than once around the wheel.   If the thread is "whipping off" the spool, you may need to put a small piece of cotton batting in the large thread guide that is directly above the thread spool.  If the thread whips off the spool and gets slack in the thread path, the thread break sensor doesn't spin for a second or two and therefore it thinks the thread is broken.

Lucy Drinkall

o2b Quilting, LLC
APQS sales/rental and custom quilting

1025 Industrial Drive, Suite A
Spring Valley, MN 55975

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