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Hi everyone. I was looking for some input on cutting fabric. What is your favorite way to cut your pieces of fabric? Rotary cutters, pre cut pieces, or accuquilt or quilt cut systems???? So many ways to make beautiful things. I'm looking for something that will help me achieve the most accurate cuts for my pieces. Ladies and gentlemen any help or advice is greatly appreciated!



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I love my AccuQuilt products. Once you get the hang of using the dies and machines there is very little waste and cutting is fast and accurate. There are so many dies today and so many different ways that the strip dies can be used to create different cuts. I definitely think you should look into AccuQuilt.


My next favorite way is using the rotary cutter and rulers. I hate using templates.

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I agree with the AccuQuilt system.....My strips are much more accurate with the dies and cutter as it seems that rulers are always at risk of slipping a bit...I also like cutting squares and triangles with the dies but you do have to be care to arrange the lengthwise grain of the fabric so it feeds through the rollers straight as you can get some distortion and end up with some pieces that are not the same size as the fabric stretched a bit as it went through the rollers...so I make sure by picking up the fabric and finding where that grain is by lightly pulling it as I do a lot of scrap quilting.  Best Press or starch also helps when cutting those triangles....of course the dies are a bit pricey and I don't own every single one out there so I do use my rotary cutter and rulers too.  I also a lot of times use only four layers of fabric instead of the up to six they recommend for the "Go".  I love making up to 54 2.5 inch squares with one pass through...tee hee...I want to cut up my whole scrap stash when I get going!!!!  Lin  oh...I like the dies that cut multiples of one shape instead of the multi shape dies....Lin

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