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1) Make sure any needle punched batting is oriented properly.

2) Replace dull needle

3) Change type batting used

4) Change type backing fabric.  If wrong side is much lighter than right side, the threads might be rolling over making it look like bearding.

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#1 worst bearding batting is Warm & Natural/Warm & White not much you can do to keep it from bearding, I know as I have tried everything and I have been doing this for 16 years.. I always warn my customers when they bring it, that it will probably have bearding... To get rid of it..put the quilt in the dryer on AIR ONLY with about 4 new tennis balls for at least 30 mins, might have to do longer..but it will remove a lot of the bearding,,

Hester Mastro

APQS Sales Rep.

Palm Springs, CA

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