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Help!  I have a new Lucey, it works great with pre-wound bobbins, but you can't currently get the white bobbins pre-wound from Superior so I got some BottomLine to wind my own.  I got the standard "deluxe" bobbin winder.   APQS set it up for me in person, he wound one bobbin and it was wonky so he made an adjustment.  I can NOT get it to wind properly!!!!!  The thread seems to come out of the tensioner discs as soon as the thread starts being pulled through.  Driving me crazy & I've wasted quite a bit of thread now.  Any thoughts?


I have 2 photos of a bobbin it wound (overwound imo), and then I did another but didn't take a photo - I stopped it part way in.  I realize the thread isn't through the 2nd hole in the photo but it was when winding & this was my finger troubleshooting to see what was happening.... still can't figure out why/how but it's coming out of the tension discs.







and sorry - these all flipped sideways when I attached them.

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I should have thought of that because that's what I do on my Janome.... it kinda works now - the bobbin wound - I assume tightly - it's at least not a tangly mess.  But the thread still came loose at the top of the tensioner & fell into the spring area but the 2nd loop around stayed put.   So still need something.  grr

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