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Thread is jumping out of the metal hook in front of the thread tension disk

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Sharon:  What "little metal hook"?  Is it one of the thread guides, or the take up spring?  If it's the take up spring, check the position of your three hole thread guide.  If it points too much down toward the tension assembly the angle of the thread path won't allow the take up spring to keep the thread taught while the machine is making the stitch, and it might loose "hold" of the take up spring.  Also check the finish position of the take up spring.  It should be at about 11 "o'clock".  


If you mean the "shepherd's crook", which I don't think you mean, because bending it would be quite a job, then there's not enough tension on the take up spring.  It can be adjusted by removing the tension assembly and rotating the inner part to tighten up the spring.  Good luck.  Jim

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