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Get those Christmas presents on your very own longarm. 


22" with 12' Aluminum Pro-Frame, Lightning Stitch Regulator, Power Feed Auto Advance, Cross hatch Ruler Bar, Electric Channel Locks. Also included is extra 12' Aluminum roller that can be used for batting roll, separate Industrial Bobbin Winder, Red Snapper leader Grips, Towa Tension Gauge, several Bobbins and thread cones (many have never been used and still have wrappers on), approx. 10-15 pantographs.


Excellent condition, very lightly used. Purchased in 2011 for over $18,000. Buyer is responsible for shipping and setup. Located in St. Germain, WI (northern Wisconsin).


Bottom line pricing at $11,000, firm. Please give me a call at 715-892-3248 with any questions.


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I have this same machine and absolutely love it. The stitches are always great, tension is perfect. My machine has handles on the back too, but they have working buttons just like the front handles and are curved shape. The nice thing about Innova is that you only oil the hook. You never have to oil anywhere else. It is light and easy to move. The frame is easy to use, there is a bar that can be lifted to see under the top so the batting can be checked for stray threads or smoothed. I float all my tops and use a sling to hold everything off the floor, so I have removed the lower front bar. The price on this is great, hope you sell it. If I had room.......


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