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New to Quilt Path!


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Hi! I haven't been on the forum lately. I guess I got kind of got bogged down with too much of a quilting backlog! With so many quilts to do, I finally decided to get a Quilt Path!  


I have to admit, I'm pretty excited! I won't get it until later this month after I return from vacation at the end of August but I'm sure I will have lots of questions. I have already been watching and re-watching all the videos and reading all the posts in this forum, but I can't seem to find the Facebook Users Group for Quilt Path that was mentioned in one of the posts I read. I'd love to join. Can someone post a link? I'd like to learn how to quilt around an applique. As I understand it, a 'no sew' area (like intelliquilter has) is being looked into, but is not available at this time. 


Also, what are your favourite digitized pantos? I guess I'll be selling my paper pantos and my Circle Lord sometime in the future. I'll likely post them on this forum, but for now I still need them until my backlog is done as some of my orders require them.


 And what is your favourite style of quilting to do on Quilt Path? Blocks? Custom? E2E? 

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Hello Caroline,


The QP Facebook group is classified as 'secret' and won't show up in a search.  It's only available to QP owners.  You should email Barbara Mayfield - info@tmequilting.com - and request an invitation.  She responded to mine within a couple of hours.  It's a good idea since all of the activity with Quilt Path seems to have shifted from here to there.

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