Any Ideas? Stumped on this Quilt

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It has been a long time since I have come here to this forum, been crazy busy with life and just plugging along. I have missed having time to come to this forum and checking in every morning with a hot cup of coffee. I'm a lucky girl today!


 I received this customer quilt last week, I have been stumped on what to do with it. Four borders and then these large 16 x 16 squares with detailed embroidery. I don't think I should leave these squares without quilting but can't seem to come up with an idea that would tie in with the borders. Any suggestions? 



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I would do some minimal design within the embroidered blocks, even if it's a little echoing, then I would go all out in the sashing and borders.  Make it fancy.  Use some feathers in outside borders.  Maybe some leaf patterns in sashing. The quilt is really pretty and it's going to be beautiful when your finished with it.

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Thank you Oma, 


thats what I'm struggling, what design to do in the embroidery blocks, I agree with you that it needs to be minimal just not sure what. I'm not one that likes the look of too much echoing, and I think that if I'm not careful I could start with something then really have it be too much quilting. I am leaning towards feathers and "fancy" leaf and swirls for boarders so tying that in with the blocks would look pretty. 

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I usually don't stipple, but a stipple back ground might be just "quiet" enough to make the embroidery pop, so that might be my choice for those big blocks.  I like Egg & Dart for the small sashings  between blocks, feathers for the outer border.   I think those are traditional choices that will fit this top.

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