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We have made the decision to sell our home and 4 acres and move to town !    We are building an "older age friendly" home that will be all on one steps (that we have to use), wide hallways, doorways, pull bars in the bathroom, etc.............neither of us are to that point yet, but after having my Mom out and in her wheelchair, we saw the writing on the wall...........We are both 68 and time is marching on way too fast............anyway, the BEST part is I will have a 17 ' x 30' Quilting Studio !     Everything will be in one big room with lots of storage, drawers, cabinets, cutting table, my long arm............I can't wait for that.............Been going up and down steps a lot late while sorting out closets and purging...........I will be SO GLAD to be rid of the steps............


We currently have a 120 acre farm, but will keep the farm ground and just sell off 4 acres, a couple buildings and the house............DH not quite ready to give it all up just yet, so we won't..........he can still come out and fish in the pond, putter, but he won't have 3 1/2 hours of mowing to do any more or 3 hours of pushing snow in the winter.    Our lot in town is a whopping 1/2 acre !   Looking forward to having more free time to do other things.........We like to travel, so having a smaller place in town will make it easier for someone to come over and check on things when we are gone............

:D  :D  :D  :D  :D  :D  :D

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Congrats Linda!  You are 100% right now is the time to do that.  We are in the middle of the process now.  Sold our 2 story home and now building a one level.  We too will only have a 1/2 acre.  You will love having your studio all in one spot.  17 x 30 sounds about perfect. I had 13 x 32 previously and it was a little to narrow.  We'll have to finish off the basement in the new house for my studio but my plan is to make it bigger than my old one.  

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Congratulations Linda!   I moved from a 4-level split to a ranch, and my sewing/quilting room is 16 x 32.  It's in the finished basement, but I don't mind the stairs - at least for now.  I could add a moving chair to the stairs if needed as they're over-width.  We also planned for future needs as the aging process kicks in.

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See if you can install as small elevator for basement access.  While stairs may keep you young, an elevator will guarantee that you have access to your studio in later years.  A friend of mine put one in his house that had to be elevated for flood reasons, and he said it was the best money he ever spent.  People of all ages and mobility levels have access to his entire house when they visit.  Plus in a tornado, the elevator shaft is a shelter area with the elevator car on the bottom floor and the door slightly ajar.





Congratulations to all of you entering a new life of retirement, and those building a new home/studio for your art form.  Best of luck and God speed to all of you.



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