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Bluecut fire

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You may have heard about the fast moving wildfire that has been burning in my area around Wrightwood, CA. . My husband and I saw it on Tuesday, just after it started, as we were coming home from a doctor appt.. We always hate to see a fire in these dry condition, but were not too concerned as it was about 15 miles from our home. However, it moved so fast and furiously that by Wednesday, we were given the notice to evacuate. Once we saw the flames coming over a nearby ridge, we did just that! We have been staying at my son's in Hesperia, out of the line of fire.

If you have ever had to evacuate (our 3rd time in 28 years), it is hard to decide what to take and to leave! I did convince my husband that in addition to our furbabies and vital documents that the head to my Lenni had to come too! So we packed her up and took her too!

Things look very much better in the fire area now. The flames were within 1000ft of the easternmost homes, but the firemen and change in wind direction were able to keep these homes safe. Sadly, the fire destroyed at least 96 homes (and still assessing) in the valley a few miles from us. We are still waiting for the evacuation order to be lifted, but are much relieved that it appears our homes are safe. Requesting prayers for our families who have lost so much! And much praise to those brave firefighters who stand between us and the fire!

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Thank you all for you thoughts and prayers!

Fire is now 83% contained and we have been allowed back into our homes. No losses in our little village, but a nearby area lost 105 homes! I'm very thankful for the firefighters and law enforcement officers who put themselves in harms way to protect us!

Lenni is put back together and I am ready to quilt again!

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