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Two ufo's finished piecing...I am Sew Excited

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Good Morning Everybody I had a very productive Retreat last week-end I finished piecing my Wild and Goosey I started last Dec and Finished piecing the everlasting wreath quilt I started Several years ago Plus finished 5 More tote Bags for Christmas. I am SEW Excited. Now to fit them in to get quilted. Have a great Monday.




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Beautiful!  But WOW!  How many pieces were in the flying geese quilt.  I'm impressed that you finished it.  How long did it take you?

Lora the quilt was one of Bonnie Hunter's blocks Called Wild and Goosey.  Each block has 13 pieces in it and I made 320 blocks which I sashed and added corner stones, plus a narrow border around that so....A long story.... there is over 4500 pieces in the small quilt.

This quilt was a challenge quilt I did with a girlfriend we started Dec. 2015 last year and we need to have them quilted with sleeve and Label by Dec. this year. So I am on schedule to complete this Challenge. Thanks for asking I hope you enjoy looking at it as much as I do.

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