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What to charge for hand quilting?

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I have been approached about hand quilting a 1940's era quilt top.  I've not seen the top, and only know that it is "about a double".  What the heck would you charge for something like this?  Any ideas would be very much appreciated.  I'd love to do a per square inch price, similar to when I longarm for customers.



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Wow! Hand quilting is so much more labor intensive. It takes many hours of work. You could not pay me enough. MAYBE I would consider doing it in a quilting bee situation, but never by myself. I probably don't have that many years left.....My daughter and I once tied a quilt for my youngest daughter. Even that took about a week working on it for about 5 hours a day together. It was a queen size. Good luck if you decide to do it. :rolleyes:


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Traditionally the hand-quilters-for-hire (Amish or Mennonites) charge by the yard of thread used. They wind the quilting thread around and around a yardstick and cut into 1 yard pieces. So just like longarming, the cost is dependent upon the density of the quilting. The complexity of the design isn't as crucial since most groups only accept tops that have been pre-marked into designs by the customer, or that have simpler no-mark quilting like crosshatching or quarter-inch-from-the-seams. Search on line--I know the Mennonites in Oregon offer this. See what they charge. Usually turn-around is six months or more.

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