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This is my latest quilt.  I still have to square it up and put the binding on it.


It's the Carpenter's Star Pattern.  Since Jesus was the ultimate carpenter I'm calling it my "Jesus Quilt."  I'm giving it to a lady at church who is over our Sunday School Departments.  She's such a sweet lady and always smiling and willing to help.


I did a lot of ruler work and some pattern boards for the designs.  The center design is a heart with feathers on the inside.  To me the heart reminds me of Jesus's love for us all.  One design is a dove which represents the Holy Spirit.  Another block has a heart with a cross in it.  That represents what Jesus did for us all.  Then there is the crosshatch....just because I love to do crosshatching.










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Dave, this is the quilt that I always make for raffles and gifts.  I do it because Jesus was a carpenter, but I had never thought to call it my Jesus quilt even though it was.  I have made this quilt 8 times in the last two years.  I lost my husband two years ago, and that is why I make this quilt.  I know that John is with Jesus.  Thank you for sharing.     Shirley

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