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2010 Lenni for sale

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Hi all,


Here is the information on my machine that I'm selling.


It is a 2010 Lenni on a 10' frame ( large enough to do up to  queen).
I'm the 3rd owner for this machine. I bought it near the end of 2010 from a lady in Boyertown, PA. She bought it to use it for personal use off  a lady who bought it new from APQS to start a business I believe which didn't happen. She sold it because it was too much for her and she needed the room. I know she told me she had it serviced by the PA APQS rep before selling it to me.
I bought this machine as a second machine ( I have an older Milie) with the intention of starting a long arm rental business in a rented place. That never worked out in this area. I had 2 ladies take beginning lessons on the machine (where I was with them continually) but then never had anyone rent time on it. So I used it to work on quilts the few days I was at my store since I use my Millie for everything. After I closed my store in the fall of 2013, I set the machine up at home in case I got custom quilts that needed to stay on my larger frame for a time so that I could work on other quilts. I did use it a bit, but not enough to warrant keeping it (a dozen or so quilts at the most). It has always been in a place where it was heated and air conditioned. I maintained it and oiled it when used. The past year especially it has not been used as I have been dealing with breast cancer since the beginning of the year. now that I'm getting back to somewhat normal and starting to get back to work, I realized that it's better to sell this machine to someone else.
It works great. The only issue that I have had is that the turn knob brakes wore out and didn't grab anymore, so I bought the new pressure fit levers that came last week. So I need to switch them out.
You can look on the APQS website for the specs on the machine which is close to my machine. I know they changed the handle design. I know I have an original brochure and picture somewhere that I can take a picture of and send to you if you like.
I did update the table and carriage system sometime in 2011. You'll notice that 2 pictures in my store have a white table. The current table is black with one piece rails and an IQ carriage system. I didn't want to spend $3,000 to upgrade to the Bliss table and system and this was a less expensive alternative. It runs smoother that the original table and I haven't had problems with it.
I will also include extras:
- hook on the machine for hanging scissors
-base extender for doing ruler work
-micro handles forpost-3646-0-39638200-1473855267_thumb.jpgpost-3646-0-88071300-1473855289_thumb.jpgpost-3646-0-88099700-1473855308_thumb.jpg detail work
-horizontal spool holder (on top of the machine to use spools instead of cones)
-separate bobbin winder
-1 dozen bobbins of 2 different types
-3 new bobbin cases
- 1 10 pack of needles
-zippered leaders that I bought and attached with extra sets to attach your quilts to the frame easily
I'm asking $6,000 for everything - pick up only. I don't want to ship it plus it would be expensive for the buyer.
Please let me know if you have any other questions or want more picture of the carriage system etc.
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