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No not for my hair....I don't have enough hair for bobby pins.  But I needed something to hold my binding on while I sewed the binding and I didn't want to pay for the new binding clips that they are selling now....(Can you say cheap skate).  I remembered my wife had some bobby pins and never used them since she has short got them and tried them and they work great.  I went to .99 Cent store and bought a couple more packages and keep them in a small medicine bottle.


Just thought I would pass on this tip in case some of you watch your money.



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Wow, I never would have thought about "binding pins".   You could change the name and market them, lol. 



I can see the commercial now....bobby pins showing in what few hairs I have on top of my head and then switch to a shot of me putting the binding on with my new BINDING PINS.


Advertise them as being dual purpose.

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