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I am thinking about adding the Bliss to my 2007 Lenni

I was wondering if anyone has done that to an older Lenni or not and how the liked the difference in handling from before the upgrade?

Did you think it made enough difference for the money.  It is either that or I am going to sell my current system and buy a new Lenni with the bliss.  The only thing I think I would be missing if I just upgrade is the adjustable handles which now come on the Lenni but are not available for the older Lenni.  Any thoughts?   Thanks in advance.  Jeanne

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I have bliss on my Lucey and love it...I also have the curved ergo handles....and I really like those as I can adjust the position of them...I don't know if you can add the handles to your current Lenny or not....I have the older ergo handles that have a green button on one side and a white button on the other....the newer ergo handles have a toggle button so you can do either needle up/down or "go" on each handle which seems like a very nice feature.  I will have to check and see if I can get the newer handles and how much $  Lin

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