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Here is my New Hexagon Millefiore quilt along top ready to be quilted. I love the splashes of colors I have created and am excited to quilt this one. I am adding this to my pile of interesting top I need to finish. I love looking at the top how about you? How would you quilt it? the possibilities are endless.



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​forgot to ask..... was there a pattern that you used to make this quilt?  If so, where did you purchase it?  Thanks for sharing. 


Thank-you Lora .... I love quilting and doing unique ones. So every chance I get I am sewing and creating. If I had 29 hours in a day ...What would I do with all my quilts LOL.  This pattern was a sew along last year from Katja's quilt store in Kelowna, BC, Canada here is the link   and best of all it was Free have a look great fun fussy cutting fabric for this one.

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Terry, Thanks so much for sharing the link.  I'm definitely going to take a look and download the pattern.  Who knows, maybe some day I'll find time to start a new project.  I made a deal with myself a few years ago, that I have to finish three projects before I can start a new one.  So far so good, but I've still got tons of UFOs of my own and also from my mom.  Thanks again for sharing.

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