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I'm getting some strange behavior from Freddie when using QP.  Yesterday I started a new quilt and quilted three rows successfully before my bobbin ran out and I needed to repair the pattern.  Then it kept sending my needle to a completely different part of the quilt to repair the pattern-very out of character.  Today, I try to start again and it's quilting along just fine when the whole QP motor almost seizes.  I caught it in time so that the material wasn't torn and had to manually life the needle.  I gave it a thorough cleaning & replaced the needle before starting this quilt and I can't understand why I'm having these problems only three rows into the project.  It's a pattern I've used before without ever having difficulties.  


I'm obviously leery of starting it up again given it's crazy behavior.  Anyone encounter this before?   I'm planning on calling APQS in the morning, but thought it might be worth posting here as well . . . 

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