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Circle Lord for Sale


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Selling my Circle Lord Basic system used on APQS Millennium.  Includes up front stylus and design templates as listed below:  Retail prices are in parentheses next to each item. $400 plus shipping for everything.








Circle Lord Basic Plus ($249)



Circle Lord Up Front Stylus system for APQS ($129)



Aztec ($89)



Featherz ($89)



Featherz Border ($69)



Featherz Mini ($69)



Ginkgo ($89)



Curved Crosshatch ($119)



Circle Thingy ($139)



Spiro Thingy Set ($99)



Celtic Knot ($129)






Retail $1250.  Asking $400 plus shipping cost.








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I am definitely interested ....i dont know how to use the forum to send you an inividual message,,,,,could you contact me at cedella73@hotmail.com    please.  


It looks like the seller is new to this forum too. Go to the original message, copy her email address and paste it into a new email message from you. This is a very good deal. CL is a very good tool. Good luck.

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