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Circle Lord for Sale

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Selling my Circle Lord Basic system used on APQS Millennium.  Includes up front stylus and design templates as listed below:  Retail prices are in parentheses next to each item. $400 plus shipping for everything.








Circle Lord Basic Plus ($249)



Circle Lord Up Front Stylus system for APQS ($129)



Aztec ($89)



Featherz ($89)



Featherz Border ($69)



Featherz Mini ($69)



Ginkgo ($89)



Curved Crosshatch ($119)



Circle Thingy ($139)



Spiro Thingy Set ($99)



Celtic Knot ($129)






Retail $1250.  Asking $400 plus shipping cost.




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I am definitely interested ....i dont know how to use the forum to send you an inividual message,,,,,could you contact me at    please.  


It looks like the seller is new to this forum too. Go to the original message, copy her email address and paste it into a new email message from you. This is a very good deal. CL is a very good tool. Good luck.

Mary Beth 

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Future winner of the Millie Sweepstakes


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Barb is on vacation and without internet. She is aware of BeachGals' inquiry and will respond when she returns late this week. Hope this helps...

Patty Butcher
Katydids Quilting Studio ~ APQS FL Store
IntelliQuilter Dealer
EdgeRider Wheels Dealer
Brooksville, FL (Central FL)
352-397-4959, 850-502-0272 Cell
New Generation Millennium W/IQ; 2015 Lucey with Quilt Path: George

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