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I made a few initial posts in June right after buying Lucey (Lucius?), but then my wife and I went off for the summer in an RV.  Haven't figured out a way to fit Lucius into the RV, so he's been sitting idle for several months.


A Bible study friend of mine is in advanced MS.  His mind is still fine, but he has little control over his body.  He's a very cheerful man, and on my return he told me about his new grandson Ren born while I was gone.  He asked for a quilt.  (I was honored!)  So here it is.




The picture is a printed panel, but I had some creative fun with the quilting.  I picked out the shapes of the elephant and lion faces and drew them into a pantograph pattern, then copied it several times to create a strip for the panto platform.



I'm new enough to all this that following the pantograph was a lot of fun and very rewarding.  And I like the way it turned out.



Best of all, though is creating a keepsake for my friend Carl and his family.



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Your panto design looks brilliant.  I am sure your friend will absolutely love it and his grandson will cherish it for years to come.  Since you like RVing, you might enjoy supporting Crawl 4 the Cure,  My close friend goes to it each year with her husband.  The program raises a great deal of money to hopefully find a cure for MS.  Best of luck to your family, your friend, and their new grandson.



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I'm lovin it!  You are so talented, making your own panto.  You may have to trade the RV in for a "Toy Hauler", you could use the garage to take "Lucious" and all his fabric, thread and goodies with you.  Keep the pictures coming.

Connie, you have me laughing merrily. My wife Beth and I have talked of doing exactly that - but it just seems over the top. We'll be taking the RV to Florida for three months in the winter. SHE gets to bring her tabletop Bernina so she can continue piecing, and I just have to go through withdrawal.

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